-An App for Actors & Dancers-

AuditionCal is a great tool to help you stay organized and track your Auditions, Callbacks, and Events. Created for Actors and Dancers in mind.
  1. Add Auditions,Callbacks, & Events
    Add your Auditions, Callbacks, & Career Events (like Casting Workshops, Agent/Manager Meetings, Networking Events, Union Meetings) with the keyboard or voice dictation when on the go.
  2. Calendar View
    The Calendar View Gives you oversight to your career on a month by month basis. It tallies how many Auditions, Callbacks & Events you have had in any given month.
  3. Searchable Database
    With the Magnifying Glass and you can search all your Data by Keyword search. Casting Director Name, Casting Office, Project Name, Role, Address, you name it...
  1. Never Be Late to an Appointment
    Turn on and adjust Notifications in the Settings Menu to remind you when you have an Audition Or Event Coming up. You also can get in App directions using Apple Maps to plan your route!
  2. Email Export Screens
    You can email export both the Calendar View and the Audition and Events forms to share with yourself or your representation right from the App.
  3. In App Social Media Posting
    Now you can let your family, friends and fans share in the fun. No details are shared unless you choose to share but you will share your selfie or any other photo you wish!
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